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JKM Manufacturing, Inc. (JKM) is a trusted leader in making precision and sophisticated products for defense, communications and aerospace industries, including the U.S. Department of Defense.

JKM builds products used on 23 major platforms such as guided missiles, military aircraft, flight simulators, helicopters, tanks, industrial robots and sonar test equipment. Specializing in innovation, flexibility and reliability, JKM is a leading manufacturer of circuit card assemblies.

JKM excels in producing a variety of circuit card assemblies that operate a multitude of products. Specializing in densely populated and through-hole, manually inserted components, JKM provides fast turnaround in assembly and testing.

Whether manually soldered by JKM’s highly skilled employees or automatically soldered by our wave-soldering machine, all circuit cards are carefully inspected for exact compliance. Continuity and polarity testing is performed and, as needed, functional testing.

All circuit card components are soldered to the strict requirements specified by ANSI / J-STD-001B. Solderability of external leads, pins and terminals are tested to MIL-STD-202. All JKM employees are certified in the proper handling of active components for electro-static discharge through compliance with MIL-STD-1686.

JKM also builds a circuit card that is installed in the TOW missile. In case of a misfire, this assembly will disable the missile from exploding while it is on the ground in close proximity to our soldiers or friendly troops.

Because of its size, JKM is agile and can respond to customer needs and changes quickly. Our experience in circuit card assembly allows us to assist in design changes and upgrades to meet customers’ requirements.

JKM products are used in weapons systems that support our nation’s war fighters as they protect our country and in commercial systems where quality, reliability and safety factors are crucial.

At JKM, we pride ourselves in making products that are effective and reliable. Our products are tested every day in important military systems and commercial products with extremely high success rates.

JKM products are designed to be used under rugged environments where high reliability is crucial. Our products undergo intensely rigorous environmental and electrical testing because of the importance of the systems in which they are used. The standards used to measure the quality and reliability of JKM’s products are among the highest available in the U.S.


Circuit Card Assemblies